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Consultancy Services/ Training/Research

Consultancy Services

MSEC offers wide range of consultancy Services like preparation of Feasibility Project Report, Detailed Project Report, Market Survey, Financial Analysis product specific, identification of energy intensive areas where user-friendly measures can be adopted to curb the energy wastage to optimum limits, etc. We are focused to Solar energy besides also undertake commercialisation of the newly developed Energy Saving technologies useful to Industries and Business sectors.


After several years of Research and Analysis, it is observed that Training plays a crucial role in commercialisation of any Renewable Energy technology. It is lack of proper service personnel, which is hampering the growth of Renewable Energy Systems. Keeping this is mind, MSEC imparts training in Solar Energy technologies, to start with and published manuals in English and vernacular languages. Our analysis shows that training is the key to commercialisation of Renewable Energy. Solar Photovoltaics (PV) and Solar Thermal Heat Energy will be the areas that MSEC will focus as it is commercially and socially conceivable.


Our Research activities are focused on market development, policy related issues and technical developments based on actual surveys carried and documented. Our data is most authentic and is extensively used by several leading dailies, international magazines and online publications.